Can CumulusClips Be Used For Commercial Purposes? [solved]

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i have one question. We want to integrate Cumulus to our website. So due to the licences, is it allowed to use cumulus commercial?

Thanks a lot for your answers.



  • Yes, you are free to do so.

    It's open source software and has a GPLv2 license, so it can be used for any purpose commercial or otherwise. You're also free to modify as you wish.
  • Okay, thank you for your answer.

    Can you also tell me, if it is possible to upload videos directly per Smartphone?
  • Yes, currently only iOS 7+ and Android 4.2+ are supported for mobile. Both are able to upload videos directly from those devices.
  • But with Windows it isn't possible yet, right?
  • Correct, Windows phone is not officially supported. It's possible that it may work, we just don't test for it hence we don't support it.
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