Help, Unable to Locate path to PHP-CLI on Cumulusclips

I need help, (Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI)
An currently running Cumulusclips On a web hosting server-[] if it happens that My hosting [] don't have PHP cli installed on their server what else can I do, or can I have it install within my /public_html/ dir?? Because it a free hosting they don't even have path to ffmpeg but I download the file and upload it to my website and have the path like this [/home/u423364010/public_html/cumulusclips/ffmpeg] can I do thesame to php-cli ?? or what else can I do to make my CumulusClips. Site work???
480 x 360 - 127K


  • In theory yes you can download static builds of both php-cli and ffmpeg and drop the files in your home directory as you mentioned. You would then need to update the paths in the admin panel.

    The bigger problem however is that free hosting is almost gueranteed to not support video encoding because it takes to much RAM and CPU.
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