Auto play Cumulusclips


I would like to set up auto play videos with Cumulusclips, can you help me set it up?

I have no basis in JavaScript and it seems to me that we must use this to set up auto play.

Thank you in advance!


  • Video already play automatically when you get to the play page. What are you referring to?
  • We would like the music automatically scrolls to the end of each reading.
  • I'm not understanding what you're trying to say.
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    At the end of each video we would like another run automatically like on Youtube.

    Sorry for my poor english.
  • Ok I understand now.

    When viewing a playlist, you want the next video in the list to play automatically when the current video is finished, correct?

    Yes, you would need JavaScript for this. You would need to listen for the onComplete event fired by VideoJs and redirect the user to the next video.
  • Yes, can you explain to me how to set this up?

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