[Fixed] Allow private videos to be embedded

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Can we embed private videos?
I want to embed but I don't wanna show the file in recent posts.

Waiting for the reply.


  • Yes, during uploading of the video you can mark the checkbox "private". If the video already exists, click on "edit video", and then check the "private" checkbox.
  • But i can't see embed option on private videos. I think it's the bug.. @GreenMotion
  • Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, you are right. I have noticed that too. Private Videos do not contain the "embed" code. (Sorry for misunderstanding your message). Let's wait to see what @Damian has to say.
  • This is actually by design. If a video is private it is not listed and it cannot be embedded.
  • There should be hidden file embed function.
  • So I know how to make this work, but I wonder if this should be reconsidered.

    Someone can share a private video by sharing the link, so why not allowing a private video to be embedded?

    If the user absolutely does not want a hidden video to be embedded, the "do not embed" option could be used.

    What do you guys think @Damian? Does it indeed make sense to prevent hidden videos from being embedded?
  • Agreed, good point.
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    Agreed @GreenMotion
    So should i wait for new version of CC :P @Damian
  • Yes, our next patch release will be out in a couple of weeks with a few bug fixes. This will be included.
  • OK. Close the thread
  • This has been fixed in v2.2.1.
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