Bulk Upload, Option To Process Serially

It would be helpful to have the ability to setup bulk uploads, where we specify multiple videos on one screen complete with tags/descriptions/etc. It would also be great for folks like me, who are on shared hosting with resource limitations in terms of CPU and memory utilization, to include the option to process the files serially so that there would be no issues with going over resource limits...


  • The bulk upload idea has been floated around before. We are considering it versus maybe a plugin to do so. However can you share what you mean by serially processing videos?
  • I don't want to put words in Jester's mouth but I assume he is talking about the serialization of multiple simultaneous video uploads. For instance, if 2 people are uploading a video at the same time, both uploads kick off an ffmpeg instance. I can see how on shared hosting that may cause problems when a lot of users are uploading videos. So in his case, having the video added to a queue and the encoder process one (or a configurable number) at a time may be the way to go.

    I run my CC on a dedicated server with plenty of CPU power. I'd like to see that within each video upload, the various ffmpeg encoders (H264, Theora, WebM etc) could run in parallel instead of sequential. In my case, if someone uploads a video, he/she has to wait for at least 2 encoded formats (regular and mobile) before the video shows up. I configured ffmpeg to use multiple cores, but I think that if these streams were to be running in parallel, it'd be done faster.
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