[Fixed] nomobile cookie lingers around too long

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While testing playback on mobile devices yesterday I flipped - from within the mobile theme - from mobile to "full site".

Just now (a day later) I opened the site again on my mobile device for some additional testing, when I noticed the mobile site would no longer show up and after a little bit of debugging I noticed the "nomobile" cookie was still set and there doesn't appear to be a way to unset it. Even going to /m/ didn't get rid of the cookie.

Tracing it back to App.php, I noticed you are setting the nomobile cookie for 3 days. To me that seems too long. A session cookie seems to make more sense. In any case, I modified it in my copy and wanted to pass this along.


  • That's actually a good idea. We've been debating doing just that. I'm glad someone else besides us thought the same thing.
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    This has been fixed in v2.2.1. Changed to 12 hours.
  • Damian; is this something that could be exposed to the Admin Panel as a configurable option? With available options being either a numeric value (for seconds etc), or "session" for session only?
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