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How do I put contextual ad codes so that it will overlay on top of the video?


  • It really depends on your ad provider and the video players they're compatible with. CumulusClips ships with VideoJs as the player. You need to analyze the code provided by your ad supplier and ask them.
  • I got these instructions from Admedia.



    Modify the theme and appearance, so that the Overlay ad fits the experience you want for your users.

    Add the domains where you will be using our code to for approval.

    Select and copy the code shown in the Script box, and paste it into your webpage.

    Still I can't get it to work
  • It sounds like these are not pre/in stream/post roll video ads but rather a banner that you want to appear over the video and the user click to close. Is this correct?

    If so, then you would have to write your own CSS and JS to achieve that behavior.

    Had the ads been pre/in stream/post roll your ad provider would normally provide that.
  • This is their instructions for preroll ads.

    Include the script tag below on the page.

    After including the script tag, add the code below the script tag on the page. It calls the function admVsPreroll.init() to start the preroll. VideoPlayer and onComplete are required parameters.
  • It sounds like you have everything you need. You can add their code on the play.phtml according to their instructions.
  • Ok, but is there any specific place on play.phtml that it needs to go?

    And there is three different scripts that comes with it.

    And then there is preroll Vast and Preroll JS, which code wwould I use?
  • If they don't specifically ask for the code to be added in a particular place i.e. inside the head tag, then anywhere should be fine.

    As far as which code to use, I don't know. As I said earlier, you would need to describe your setup to your ad provider and they would have specific instructions. For example, if you went with Google Adsense ads, they would have a package meant to work specifically with JWPlayer, Flow Player, or VideoJS. You would just choose the one for VideoJS and drop it in your theme file.

    In your case it sounds like your ad provider only has a generic JavaScript package that would need to be customized to work with VideoJs or HTML5 video player, but again you need to verify that. Remember you can always change the player you use, simply modify the play.phtml accordingly.
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