Doing business or legal contradictions

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Hi , I'm new in members of the forum.

1. Is there any contradict if I change skins and theme on cumulus clips applications?

2. Is there any contradictions also if I handle the site ( which cumulus clips applications been modified ) by using the applications and making money or fee from members subscription or registration ?


  • CumulusClips is free and open source. This means you are free to use it for personal and commercial use. You are free to modify any part of it as you wish.

    It carries a GPLv2 license. The GPLv2 license only requires that any derivitive works also inherit the GPLv2 license and remain open source. However you can still charge for services as you describe.

    We only prohibit use of CumulusClips for adult content.
  • Thats make me clear, damian TQ
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