Share our video content on other Cumulusclips

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Let me explain, a bit like Movim is to share information on each of the pods on the existing network, would it be possible to add a way to share with the user panel our video content on another Cumulusclip connect to the network ?

Thank you


  • I'm not understanding what youre saying.

    A user can:
    - share videos via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) with the share icons
    - they can embed a CumulusClips video on another web page using the embed code
    - users can subscribe to other users and be notified when the poster/channel posts a new video

    Does any of this answer your question?
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    Rather given the opportunity to share a video on other cumumulusclips which would bound by the networks.

    See image:
    I think there's a real advantage for you but also for us user...

    My English is not great :(

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