Installed CumulusClips on Debian v7 - got blank screen on /cc-admin/?first_run

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Hi everyone,

So I finally put together a Debian v7 server after getting a confirmed report that Cumulus will not run on Windows 2008 r2 with apache and PHP.

So now I was able to follow through the installation process.

However, right after I got to the last step of the installation screen (which was naming your website and login in credentials for the website) I get a blank screen on my "first run"

I am setting this up for access internally in my network only.

I am a newbie on Linux so I have idea how to troubleshoot this one.

Everything seems to be working fine, LAMP, proftpd, myphpadmin - all works fine with ffmpg.

Has anyone had this issue before, if yes, how did you fix it.



  • Look in the error logs. There should be a CumulusClips database error log in cc-core/logs. That might have some insight into what's going on.

    Also look at the Apache error log which contains PHP errors. If you installed Apache on Debian using the package manager the they would normally be located in /var/log/apache2/error.log.

    Additionally, turn on display_errors in you PHP ini, this will output any errors.
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