co-existence of phpmotion and cumulusclips ?

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Is it possible to install cumulusclips on a server which is already running phpmotion ?(like if phpmotion is on then cumulusclips on or
Other question being, is it possible to use existing videos(uploaded using phpmotion, which is still running on the server) to be played by cumulusclips?(basically, some method to share videos between phpmotion and cumulus)


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    First Question: Can they co-exist?

    Not having tried this I will give you a general developers view. CumulusClips can run in a self-contained environment very easily for example:

    Both methods above will work fine with no modifications required, and no problems whatsoever.

    What you cannot do is have both applications in the same directory. This will obviously cause problems, because I'm sure they both contain files with the same filename which will lead to conflicts and overwriting.

    I cannot speak for the other application because I'm not aware of their inner working but the same should apply to them.

    So short answer: Yes (at least for us)


    Second Question: Can they share videos?

    CumulusClips can use the FLV, and thumbnail file generated by that app. However because we also create a second MP4 for the mobile site you will be missing that file. Additionally we also run that file through a special app called qt-faststart which I'm sure they don't do either.

    The second issue you'll run into is populating the CumulusClips database. You would either need to create a script to export the information into CumulusClips or do this manually (not very fun).

    You could create and run an "Export" script that would create the missing MP4 videos, and populate the database. But this script would take a long time to run because it is basically converting every single video you currently have.

    Another option is to simply forget about the mobile site. If you go that route, then it's pretty easy. Simply copy/move the video files and export the database.

    Short answer: Yes if you ignore mobile or are allowed to run long scripts by your web host.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanx!
    So basically, in theory its all possible. Just need to have mp4 files and some script to keep synchronizing both databases.
    Running long scripts is not an issue as my server is on local lan. But then converting over 100gb of flv files to mp4 is scary thought. So better thing will be to generate mp4 files for newer uploads only.
    I'll give it a try in coming weeks and see how things workout.
    Thanx once again for detailed reply :)
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