cannot run installation on windows apache php sql (wamp) get internal error 500

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hey everyone,

sorry I am new to CumulusClips. It looks really awesome, but I really wish I can run it on my servers.

I setup a Windows Server 2008 r2 with WAMP (apache, MySQL, PHP).

I have owncloud running on it and it works great.

Now I am trying to run CumulusClips on it as a sub-folder in owncloud.

However, when I follow the documentation installation it said to goto ""

So I tried that and it failed with Internal server error 500 --- what confuses me is that there is no such folder "install" --- but there is a folder called "cc-install"

so I tried that. "", but I still get the same result, internal server error 500.

I do have ffmpeg installed as a windows environment. But I am not sure if it hooks onto/detected from apache.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I really would like this to work.

Also, I am not sure why FFMPEG would affect accessing the "cc-install" folder, getting to the initial installation page has nothing to do with FFMPEG call function (unless there is a validation process in place.

Again any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is a solution, I would love to update it on your installation documentation.


  • CumulusClips is not supported on Windows. There are a lot of Linux specific calls throughout the app that prevent such.
  • Ok, this has been confirmed.

    I ran Debian instead now, and I got further on the installation.
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