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Is there a time limit on how long I stay logged into Cumulus? The reason I'm asking is I'm attempting to upload a 1 gig MP4 for transcoding and it continues to fail. I have the php, WHM and Cumulus limits set to 2047 meg and it uploads Ok, but then I get the generic message:

Errors were encountered during the processing of your file, and it cannot be uploaded at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience, and I have to log back into Cumulus. When I check, there isn't any system logs to view. It seems to be kicking me off as administrator when the MP4 upload is complete.

One note from the server side, the tech who installed ffmpeg asked me if I needed PHP_FFMPEG or just the actual FFMPEG binary to make Cumulus work correctly? I thought I'd better ask you since I didn't know, it transcodes smaller files correctly (200 meg or so) but kicks me off on larger ones.


  • PHP_FFMPEG is not needed, just the FFMPEG binary.

    It is possible that your upload takes so long that your session is timing out thus causing you to get kicked out.

    How long are your sessions lifespans and your upload progress times?
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    Oh, for a 1 gig MP4 about 8 to 10 hrs, my DSL is only 56k upload. That's probably what is happening, is there a way to extend the session time to say 1440 minutes? Better yet to be able to FTP them up to a folder and pull them from the folder for transcoding, I'm the only one using the website.
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