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I am very exited that the next version is soon to be released. I read, however, in the "News from the mothership" that version 2 will not be compatible with version 1 of the site. Does this mean that it will not be possbile to upgrade without re-uploading all videos? I.e. that it is not possible to move the current database of movies to the new version?

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  • Correct. The theme structure, plugin formats, and video formats are completely different. If we allowed people to upgrade, their sites would be unusable because all of their old content (themes, plugins, videos) would not work.

    The database is however practically unchanged with a few minor exceptions. If you really wanted to migrate, it's technically possible. You would have to update your theme to always use flash video and hard code the flv extension into your theme.

    The above was just of the top of my head. I'm sure you would run into problems that can be worked out. Ultimately, we chose not to allow upgrades from v1 to v2 to avoid interruptions in user's sites

    The new software will be released today in the evening EST, with the updated documentation to follow in the next couple of days.
  • Thank you for your answer. I understand the issue with incompatibility.

    Maybe its best to start all over. I really want to take advantage of all new features and not stay with flash and flv.

    If you would suddenly come up with an idea on how to migrate the videos without going back to the old system please let me know.

  • Since I can download all clips from the server in flv format i should be able to upload those again to the updated cumulusclips (converting them once more but to mp4). For now I am not worried about possible loss in quality. It might take some time but eventually I will have it back. The amount of videos I have is not overwhelming.
  • Hi Damian,

    First Of All Thanks For Released V2
    Please Explain Me Version 1.3.2 Not Support Auto Upgrade
  • @newservicewebhost As explained above, videos, themes, and plugins from version 1 will not work in version 2. They are in different formats and architecture. Instead of breaking everyone's site, we decided to not provide backwards compatibility.

    Version 2 will support automatic updates moving forward. Just not for jumping from version 1 to version 2.
  • thanks for your response
    if i use v1 into my subdomain and install v2 my main domain working fine or not
    i can do or not
    my v1 working after release or not
  • give me any suggest what can i do because i have many video on my v1 website
  • ok i save my v1 website backup
  • Now i'm Waiting For Your V2 Upgrade
  • @newservicewebhost We're finalizing it. It should be on the website in a couple of hours.
  • i 'm very excited to waiting for new feature
    Thank you very much
  • Hello! Interested in compatibility with PHP5.5 in which there is no support for MYSQL extensions. Looking forward to the new version! Thank you!
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