How to remove all newly registered fake users

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Is there a way to remove all the new fake accounts in an easy manner? I have 350 pages so removing them one by one is not an option...

May I also ask when we can expect version 2.0 of the cumulusclips which was aimed for yesterday? I very much look forward to it. Please update the release date post.

Thanks in advance and best regards


  • Hi Chris,

    The spam registration issue is a known problem. We made some changes in v2 to address this. As far as bulk deletion of users, this will be added to the admin panel in v2.1.

    The release date post was actually updated yesterday. Our apologies, we should have updated a few days sooner.

    Here is a link:

    Additionally, from there you can find a list of enhancements made in v2.
  • Hello Damian!

    Thanks for the feedback. Bulk deletion sounds like a good plan. I will look forward to the feature in the near future.

    It was not clear to me that the release date post had been updated. But now I see that it is the case, sorry for not observing that.

    You may close this thread and keep up the awesome work!

    Best Regards
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