CumulusClips v2 Feature List

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Hello all,

We are making great progress with version 2 of our software. We are expecting to launch v2 to the public in November 2014. At that time, anyone with version 1 will we prompted for the automatic update.

Below is a list of change.

Newly Introduced:

- Comment replies & threads
- Video playlists
- Watch Later
- HTML5 video playback (h.264 default, Theora, VP8 optional)
- AJAX file uploader
- Search suggestion/auto-complete
- Ability to disable mobile site
- Plugin filters
- View & delete logs from Admin Panel
- Preview pending videos in Admin Panel
- Notification of upload & encoding completion
- Close comments on a video


- User status updates
- Uploadify upload
- RSS feeds
- FLV video encoding
- Flash video player

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