suggestions for the upcoming release

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first of all, many thanks to all the people who worked on the creation of cumulusclips.

this video CMS is a full success.

i use cumulusclips for about 1.5 years. during this time i customized somewhat. i wish these features will be added to the new version of cumulusclips:

1) recaptcha for sign-up and contact form.

2) third party comment system (switchable). for example, "disqus", "livefyre" or "facebook".

3) leecher protection. the unique (one time url) video url should be generated by using php timestamp or ip address of the client.

4) option for choosing video format between FLV and MP4 (the choice to run the whole site with MP4 only).

5) some kind of "pseudo streaming". the ability to seek faster inside a video.

6) ability to embed videos from another sites or the ability to put video embed code instead of video file.

7) ability to upload a video file from remote url.

8) The ability to chosse between two players: jwplayer and jplayer ( jplayer is a free html5 player for commercial and free use. jwplayer is for free use only. if a user will place ads on his website then his site is commercial and he need to buy jwplayer licence.

9) THE MOST IMPORTANT: please replace the video uploader (uploadify) with any other html5 uploader of your choice. i spent many days to debug the current uploader but without success. from time to time it gives me "HTTP error" just out of the blue. i tried to run this uploader on many different environments but it randomly gave the HTTP error after upload or suring upload of video files. uploadify is bad, old and no more maintained. their new html5 version is restricted for commercial projects. jQuery blueimp uploader looks good to me.

10) ability to use multiple servers for video storage.

11) the ability to disable the mobile version of the website.

it is your choice which suggestions you will implement into the new release. but please do not ignore the 1 and the 9, they are very important.
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