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Hi Damian,

Thanks for your project, I've been looking for a simple CMS for video upload/pulbishing ,and yours seem to be a nice solution.

Because I need to extend CumulusClips for a project, I've published the version 1.3.2 on github :

I've seen on another thread that you're currently developing version 2, and I haven't found you on github/bitbucket/sourceforge/gitorious, are you using a git somewhere and willing to open it for more developers ?

Have a nice day,



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    Our software is open source. Anyone can download, use, and modify it freely in accordance with its current license. We use SVN internally for source control but it's currently restricted to our team.

    We're glad you like our project and wish to use it. We just ask if you could avoid posting the entire project out in various public repositories because it can lead to confusion. Our website ( will always be the best place to obtain the latest official release of our software for free.

    If you would like to contribute Addons like themes, Language packs, or plugins please follow the instructions on the addons section of our website.
  • Hi Damian,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Because I need to modify some cc-core files, I'd need to have a complete copy of the project on a repository somewhere, I'd move it to a more private place if you ask me.
    I've now specified on github that it's not the official repository, and people would need to come here to have your latest version.

    I'll sure need to develop themes and plugins, I'll send them to you once they're ready.

    Have a nice day,

  • Hi Alex,

    I saw the disclaimer and note you added to your repository. That's perfect! Thank you very much for adding that.
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