uploading from some other network

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i am accessing my cumulusclips outside network using pulbic ip. php path : usr/bin/php and ffmpeg path: usr/bin/ffmpeg but this is local path.So i am unable to upload videos from another network.How to change the path so i can upload videos from some other network???


  • I have the same problem its not letting me enter the paths nor does it find them itself. Any fix for this? I am 99% sure that usr/bin/php is the correct path.
  • You cannot upload videos from other networks. The remote path setting in the admin panel is for videos already uploaded to CumulusClips that have been moved to another location. The PHP and FFMPEG paths have nothing to do with remote videos.
  • Friends i have got the solution. Now i can upload videos from any network.
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    Would you mind sharing with the community what your solution is?
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