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Manually Update

There may be times when you wish to update CumulusClips manually versus automatically via the Admin Panel. The process of updating manually is relatively straightforward.

  1. First you must obtain the latest version of CumulusClips. You can get this from our Download page.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Next proceed to upload all the extracted files to your hosting account. Make sure to overwrite all the old files with the new ones.
  4. Set the permissions on the install directory to 0777. CumulusClips will need to save some database patch files and the webserver/PHP will need write access to do this.
  5. Execute the database update script at: Be sure to replace '' with your actual URL to CumulusClips.This script will perform any database modifications that are required to get your system up to date.
  6. Delete the '/install' directory
  7. Update the value of the 'version' record in the 'settings' table or your CumulusClips database. The new value should be towards the top of your bootstrap file, which is located at: /cc-core/config/boostrap.php and labled 'CURRENT_VERSION', i.e.
    define ('CURRENT_VERSION', '1.0.7');
  8. Make sure these files executable and directories are writable by PHP and the webserver.
  • /cc-content/uploads
  • /cc-content/uploads/flv
  • /cc-content/uploads/mobile
  • /cc-content/uploads/thumbs
  • /cc-content/uploads/temp
  • /cc-content/uploads/avatars
  • /cc-core/logs
  • /cc-core/system/bin
  • /cc-core/system/bin/qtfaststart
  • /cc-core/system/qtfaststart
  • /cc-core/system/qtfaststart/
  • /cc-core/system/qtfaststart/
  • /cc-core/system/qtfaststart/

Things to take note of

All files with the exception of config.php are subject to change during the update process.

If you made customizations to the default theme or default language pack (english.xml), those changes will be lost during the update. You need either backup these files, or rename them to something different so that they're not overwritten.

When executing the database update script, CumulusClips will need access to the internet so that it can connect to our update system and download all the database patch files necessary for your update.

In certain hosting setups, you may have to give 0777 permissions to some files during step 7.