Extend and customize CumulusClips’ look and functionality with plugins, themes, and language packs. Addons are contributed by both the CumulusClips team and community members. To have your addon reviewed and listed send us an email to addon-submit [at] cumulusclips [dot] org.


CumulusTube (Version 1 ONLY) — by CumulusClips

curtocircuito (Version 1 ONLY) — by


Google Analytics (Version 1 ONLY) — by CumulusClips

DropBox (Version 1 ONLY) — by Alexandre Girard

Keep Raw Video (Version 1 ONLY) — by Alexandre Girard

Language Packs

Spanish (Version 1 ONLY) — by CumulusClips

German (Version 1 ONLY) — by Marcin Kowalczyk

French (Version 1 ONLY) —  by CumulusClips

Portuguese (Version 1 ONLY) —  by CumulusClips

Italian (Version 1 ONLY) — by Daniele Monchiero

Russian (Version 1 ONLY) — by FelHost Ltd.

Turkish (Version 1 ONLY) — by Sinan Hösükoğlu